Sustainable water treatment

®CLAQ is a new system for water treatment. ®CLAQ is a brand name derived from clear aqua - clear water.

®CLAQ puts a new ranking to the water cleaning methods

®CLAQ products for physical treatment can also be used in chemically treated water. In these cases the amount of chemicals can be drastically reduced.

®CLAQ water cleaning components are suitable for all kinds of water circuits with clean or only slightly contaminated water.

The ®CLAQ system puts physical and biological methods for water cleaning in first place. In many cases ®CLAQ can do without water additives and so chemical water cleaning comes only second.

Water treatment with ®CLAQ helps biotopes to achieve higher water quality, brings swimming pools closer to nature and helps industrial systems to less maintenance and to environmental acceptable additives.

With systematic physical and biological water treatment to the highest level of water quality.

Systematic treatment means to take planned and calculated measures.

Physical water treatment is equivalent to the methods of physical therapy in medicine (drugless healing method) working with movement, heat and light. Physical measures are set by filters, pumps, sound or light waves.

Biological water cleaning supports water cleaning organisms by providing them with favourable living conditions. The useful species are supported and natural biochemical processes initiated. Biological components of the ®CLAQ system include bio filters enriched with natural or cultured micro organism.

®CLAQ products are


®CLAQ is used for
bio filters
oil film filters
gravity filters
pressure filters
pool filters

ultra sound devices
UVC light bulbs

electric pumps
air pumps

water cleaning bacteria

water additives


sound waves
light waves




  • natural lakes or ponds
  • swimming ponds
  • wellness pools
  • swimming pools

  • cold- or warm water circuits
  • cooling towers
  • heating circuits
  • heat exchangers
  • water tanks

  • all kinds of clean or only slightly
        contaminated water

  • chemical free systems
  • industrial cooling systems

  • ®CLAQ stabilizes water in circuits with physical and biological methods as in swimming pools, fish ponds or in industrial water circuits.

    System components
    for Water treatment with ®CLAQ

    1. Pumps

    Essential for water cleaning is a sufficient movement of the water. Pumps allow to control the water flow through the filters and the circulation.

    2. ®CLAQ Filters

    ®CLAQ Filters separate finest particles from liquids. The filter material is resistant to acid, to lye and also to germ killing agents. The duration of the filter depends mainly on the load of particles it has to remove. ®CLAQ Filters are suitable for many different applications.

    3. ®CLAQ Ultra sound devices

    Ultra sound waves produce vibrations of cells and particles causing in this way many single-celled organisms to die. Ultra sound devices are also used to support systems provided with chemical water treatment like swimming pools and industrial water circuits. The cleaning effort for facilities like fountains, cooling systems, heat exchangers and water boilers can be reduced to a minimum.

    4. UVC Light bulbs

    Bacteria and germ die dependent on the intensity of the light wave. Highest standards of hygiene can be achieved with a minimum of chemicals. In order to maintain the effect the UVC bulbs have to be cleaned regularly. This form of water treatment moves any swimming pool closer to nature and helps to enjoy a much greater amount of wellness.

    5. ®CLAQ Micro organism

    It is in any case worth to check whether bacteria can be used as natural means of water cleaning. Bacteria are often the best solution if there is only a small amount of biodegradable impurities.

    6. Biodegradable water additives for industrial systems

    All components of the new generation of additives for open cooling water systems are biologically degradable. Due to this development the environmental impact is strongly reduced.

    The ®CLAQ system is designed for water bodies of any size. ®CLAQ components fit easily in existing installations.

    How do the ®CLAQ water filters work?

    Piping of water through finest filter materials is the secret of ®CLAQ. Diameters of only a few microns make it possible to achieve enormous filter effects with a very small filter size. Microscopically small particles do not find a passage through the mesh. That means germs and suspended matter can be retained in the filter.

    Due to the fineness of the filter material ®CLAQ is far superior to other known filter systems. In addition, with ®CLAQ biological water purification can be achieved under favourable conditions.

    Biological water purification occurs if water organisms degrade smallest organic particles, germs and dissolved nutrients. In the enriched filter the useful water organism finds good conditions for development.

    Frequent applications for ®CLAQ filters are:

    ®CLAQ Skimmer filter: Swimming particles of dirt, grease, dust, hair and algae are removed from the water surface.

    ®CLAQ Swamp filter: This filter is often enriched with micro organism. Bacteria are digesting the collected mud. The filter needs little maintenance and has a long duration. The bio filter is a gravity filter with the widest field of application – from natural lakes to industrial plants.

    ®CLAQ Pool filter: Filter units for swimming pools are often combined with UVC bulbs and ultrasound devices.

    ®CLAQ Gravity filter

    ®CLAQ Vacuum filter

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